About Us

Founded in 1992, Carol Grant Shrewsbury was acquired by Debbie Carvell in November 2022, and rebranded “Carvèll on the Square” in September 2023.

This new image is more than just a name change and whilst building on the success of the past, Debbie has a strong vision for the store going forward.

The emphasis has always been placed on carrying carefully edited collections consisting of beautiful unique pieces, highlighting the talent and creativity of the designers. This is set to continue but supplemented with new brands introduced to Shrewsbury that offer both individuality and importantly, great value for money.

The luxury of having so many edited brands under one roof means you can always find the unexpected.

Debbie also owns Carvèll lingerie and swimwear previously on Butcher Row, and has successfully repositioned this iconic store since taking it over in 2019. Carvéll lingerie and swimwear can now be found under the same roof as Carvèll on the square.